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Conature Project

Written by:
Andrius Rudžinskas
Adelheid Hauser
Stanislava Juškuviené
Franz Hauser
Maurizio Rinaldi

The day started with us being greeted by our host. He told us his and his family’s life
story. It was an admittedly sad story. However, smile never left his face. After he walked us through his land, we were welcomed to his bee farm. First, we were surprised by the number of trees and saddened by how many of those trees will have to be cut down so others could
survive. The host, however, kept smiling. Then he showed us a very special place where he test his strength and were he used to bring girls when he was younger. After that we heard a very peculiar but beautiful sound – music from the Trombite.

Then, we went to see the bees.
It was unbelievable how tame they were and how natural beekeeping was to the host. He never flinched once while the bees were crawling over his fingers. He showed no fear. Later, we had wonderful dinner – traditional Czech food and desserts.

Finally, we went to see his sheep and the machinery our host uses in around his farm. Then we thanked him for his
hospitality and waved him goodbye with a round of applause. It was really a day to