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Conature Project

Written by:

Angela Talami

Ildiko Antal

Nikos Tziotis

Neda Klasinskaité



During the CONATURE project we learned about domestic animals and how to take care of them.

At the first farm we visited the sheep where herded in a fenced field outside the town. The female sheep that were ready to give birth were kept separately. The farmer showed us the machinery he used for gathering grass for the sheep.

On the second farm we were shown different species of sheep- ones were for milking and the others were bred for their meat. The farm also had pigs, goats and cows. We were shown the milking process and what tools where used for the sheep milking. We saw the different areas the animals were breeding, eating,  being milked and being taken care in general.

This experience confirmed that more people are interested in traditional farming and natural ways of living