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Conature Project

Prepared by: Alice Mlčochová

Dried sausages are a popular kitchen item in many households. Because me and
my partner are directly loved it, I decided to teach prepare it at home. About the
recipe and demonstration I asked a partners uncle, who is a native Italian and have
controls of the production sausage. From his experience I know, that the longer
dried give the sausages the better taste. The recommended drying time is 25-40
days. The temperature should be around 14-19 ° C. If the sausages are dried at a
lower temperature, the process will be slower. Do not be afraid to try the sausage
during the drying process and determine yourself the time that good for you.
This recipe can be customized by everyone. If someone likes more hot meals, add
chilli, if someone prefers herbs, add fennel, sage, or other. It depends on the taste

of each of you. We use meat that comes from domestic breeding our co-inhabit-
ants and home-grown herbs.

It is important to dry the sausages in a dark place where they arent be houseflies. If
the sausages came to contact with the houseflies, they could be degraded. Due to
this fact, we dry the sausages exclusively in the cold months when there are not be
the houseflies.

Tips for beginners: Do not worry about splitting the meat into more parts and
experimenting with spices. You will discover to the combination that will be the
most delicious for you.
For longer use the sausages can be chilled or loaded into the oil.

Recipe 1:
4,5 kg pork ham
1,5 kg bacon
150 g salt (20-30 g salt for kg meat, we take 25 g salt for kg meat)
12 clove of garlic-squeezed (2 clove for kg meat)
3 tablespoon ground of pepper (you can mix sweet and smoked)
2 tablespoon of fennel
Chilli to taste (about half a teaspoon)
About 1,5 dcl red wine


Recipe 2:
4,5 kg pork meat
1,5 kg bacon
150 g salt (20-30 g salt for kg meat, we take 25 g salt for kg meat)
Pepper black pellets (you can also use ground)
25 g fennel crushed
2 dcl white wine


Milling the meat and mix with all ingredients.


Figure 1


Intestine give under the water and clean it.


Intestine give on filling machine.


Slowly filling