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Conature Project


Edited by:

Agne Raubaite, Arunas Rauba, Vanna Fontana, Corrado Rossi, Maria Grazia Notari, Dimitris Syrmis

Since ancient times to have a orchard was on a high importance of every household. It was not only the main source of vitamins for all seasons but also the only source of food for people with no access to other resources. The whole fruit can be used without any waste for example using the remains of the fruit as fertilizer or for cleaning.

There is a continuous process from ancient times till nowadays on how people tend to take care of their land. These traditions can be transferable to the future generations. The connection to the nature and to the traditions can be regained through producing the ancient species and varieties.

The ancient varieties have higher resistance for pests and illness. The chemical pesticides are not necessary to be used for those species. Because of that, there is the space for the biodiversity and the healthy environment for the soil, bugs, animals and humans.

Having an orchard gives an opportunity to produce fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs etc. Either to cook and to eat or/and produce jams, vinegar, distilled products, ciders. These products would be used for in house consumption or to sell or exchange locally.

The people living a daily life in the orchard are also more active because they are moving and make effort to take of the land and as a result they exercise body and mind. The work is all year around and keep them up busy and active.