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Having a well-maintained lawn makes for an attractive sight in any property. Part of performing lawn maintenance is through proper lawn fertilization. If you are new or unsure on how to fertilize your lawn, here are 4 effective tips to follow:


1. Soil Testing before Fertilizing

It is important to test your soil’s pH level before testing. This is so you can determine what nutrients your lawn plants need. You can do the test yourself using a kit, or hire a professional for such task. Skipping this test can affect your lawn’s health by using the wrong fertilizer.

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2. Use an Aerator

If you own an aerator, make it a habit to use it before spreading fertilizer. The tool creates holes throughout your lawn soil. These make it easier for the fertilizer to penetrate the soil. The holes also make it easier for the soil to absorb air, water, and light.

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3. Fertilize by Time and Weather

There is always a proper time to fertilize your lawn. You should do so before the rainy season. If you live in a colder climate, fertilize your lawn during fall. Besides time, weather also plays a crucial role in fertilization. It is best to fertilize it before a steady, light rain, not during a thunderstorm.

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4. Proper Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing, when done right, can maintain grass health and appeal. Like with fertilizing, you should mow your lawn before rainy weather, which is an ideal time to do so.

For dry days, make sure to mow a small section from the top of the grass blade.

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